Mother Earth has been and is trying to save us all the time.

Tiokosan Ghosthorse, speaking to One Earth Sangha community

Hidden in the salvation mentality, saving the Earth, is control through Western ego, religion, politics and their view of spirituality.  To solve this precarious situation we have put ourselves as a human species, wherever we have placed ourselves is still not adequate. And I think that has to do with where my thinking process begins and originates, which is from the land.  I thank therefore I am, rather than I think therefore I am. We have lost this kind of relational thinking. But we are also regaining relational thinking. Has to do with the birthright that we have survived whatever it was necessary for us to survive.  We respect Mother Earth but we’re not paying homage to Mother Earth as if she is dying. We always say we’re going to save the Earth, we’re going to save the forest, we’re going to save a tree, we’re going to save ourselves, we have that idea of saving as if we’re the next messiah as a people.  Mother Earth has been and is trying to save us all the time. We just haven’t yet learned how to let go because our ideas of ownership are still in place. And we’ve educated the wisdom out of a human being, out of ourselves.

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