See a beautiful, nature-filled future

Richard Louv, items on his list of barriers to envisioning a regenerative future (blog)

Ecophobia: children are conditioned at an early age to associate nature with environmental doom.

Our engagement with nature is being replaced by solastalgia – the pain of seeing natural areas disappear, and the disengagement that goes with that.

Lack of cultural and ethnic diversity within the environmental movement and conservation agencies.


It's time to create that vision. It's time to bring down the barriers. Hard? Of course. But we can do the best we can while we're here on Earth, and millions of children will surely experience the wonder of nature that past generations took for granted.

On the same topic, elsewhere (article)

No future is guaranteed to happen. One thing is for sure: A greener future will not happen unless we can see it in our mind’s eye, unless we can imagine it. Today, if you ask people to describe images of the far future, many and perhaps most people immediately describe a postapocalyptic future. What happens to a culture that can no longer see a beautiful, nature-filled future? Despair is addictive. The challenge is not only to oppose the current trajectory, but to escape the dystopian trance.

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